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I havent updated this website in a while! It ‘s not because nothing happen, just because too much happened, and i didnt find the right moment to put that in the right shape. Few news in disorder. I m now since a month lucky enough to occupy a nice Studio/atelier in Paris. It was years of struggling, but thx to Ville of Paris, i have now a good space to develop a bunch of upcoming projects, but even better, to g
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Entropia in Shanghai (China)

This june 2017 we have had the pleasure to present Entropia in Shanghai, in China, for the very first time. Asia Premiere! We performed 25 times between June 13th and June 20th, and left the piece as a contemplative ongoing installation until July 12th. The whole project was quite amazing for us. The technical team made a great effort, worked hard, and everything happened without almost a problem. A full dome was bui
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