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Entropia in European Festival (Sept 2016)

We have just finished a little tour with Entropia this September. I was working on the preparation of this serie for several months, and i m glad to notice afterwards that almost everything happened as expected. It was a harsh work to prepare. Entropia has been conceived in a dome environnement. This is its native context, if i may say so. But from the early days of the piece conception, i had this will that the piec
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Creative residency at Spatial Sound Institute (4DSound)

I was invited to work in the newly opening Spatial Sound Insitute, where Paul Oomen and his team have settled the 4Dsound after traveling around and showcasing their innovative spatial sound set up among prestigious festival (ade, berlin atonal, zkm etc). As an introduction of my work there, something that i hope will lead to a long term collaboration, I proposed to go through 4Dsound features by working on Xenakis p
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