News !

I havent updated this website in a while! It ‘s not because nothing happen, just because too much happened, and i didnt find the right moment to put that in the right shape.

Few news in disorder. I m now since a month lucky enough to occupy a nice Studio/atelier in Paris. It was years of struggling, but thx to Ville of Paris, i have now a good space to develop a bunch of upcoming projects, but even better, to give new idea the chance to exist.

In few 2 weeks i m going back to Budapest where  i will work Spatial Sound Institute (4D sound) on Bardo, a new sonic immersive piece where i m going to develop and use within the compostion a real time multichannel Convolution reverb. Challenging like all projects to be done over there.

In fall, we are going to tour again Entropia in collaboration with SAT Montreal. Few nice and prestigious festivals are already on the map. Then i will start a new project and research residency with IRCAM. I got laureate of the program last march and never had the time to communication on this. Anyways in few months, i will largely explain the purpose of this research.

To be honest, i feel a bit worried because i dont find time enough to finalize new productions and prepare my upcoming releases. Btw, I will not longer release music with label Infine since it’s obvious for anyone who know a bit of my work and what they release that we dont share any idea of aesthetic anymore. We reach that point where it was such a misunderstanding for everyone. That’s life, and I wish them a good flight. As for me, i will keep on producing unconventional and radical sonic, audiovisual and physical experiences.