Update 2019!

Few news in disorder:

We just created a new immersive piece name Perspective. It’s an immersive installation. Likely we will take it to a performance format in the upcoming months. The piece is featured at Constellations de Metz Festival  between June 20th to September 7th 2019. It is set inside a dome, whose technical direction is in the hand of AvExciters. It’s a co-production between Bliida and Constellation de Metz, id est city of Metz.

The development of that piece is the result of few research and conceptual approach that allowed us to write a piece that involves again few cool stuffs. There a generative visuals (running in Touchdesigner), light design (13 moving heads led beams) also programmed in TD, and immersive sound running with Max msp and Ircam Spat.

The piece is presented during the night. During the daytime, with the help of Dominic, Sam, and Guillaume, we created a game kind of experience that tributes some idea of the desire of exploration. It’s a good introduction for a public that is not familiar with dome environnement. The game is running on Unity, the sound on Max msp. Funny thing is that we had so much troubles making unity working with multi channel configuration, and eventually decided to leave the sound running with a build of max msp.

More info of the night piece, named Perspective is here : http://www.fractionmusic.com/project/perspective/

The last months have been quite a rush. I have pursued my research at 4Dsound/Spatial Sound institute, with a first iteration presented in May in Budapest. I was quite happy with it, like really, and now planify to finalize it for good, for early 2020.

I also started in march the research at IRCAM on a bridge between real time sound spatialization and generative visuals. It’s an ambitious research, that eventually will lead to a piece creation also in 2020. I have still so much to do. I m enjoying a lot working at Ircam, and already learned a lot in few months.