This is my 4th creation for the Satosphere in 7 years, after Dromos (2013), ObE (2014), Entropia (2015). It took us 5 years to come back in the SAT’s dome with a new piece, as Entropia went on tour for several years around the world, and actually has been performed there for Mutek festival in 2017, and since then we didn’t find the right opportunity to develop a new piece.

Ethereal takes the form of an immersive installation,  presented in the Satosphere which invites to a multidimensional initiation journey at the borders of the human dream.

The piece will make you live the story of a perpetual transformation, echoing the inconceivable moments staged in our own dreams, abandoning our minds to the limit of reason, flirting with the absurd and the magnificent and sometimes nourishing an ethereal feeling, which haunts us even after waking up.


Credits :
Show direction: Fraction & Starnault
Visuals and light design : Starnault
Music composition and spatial sound design : Fraction


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