Type : immersive AV performance
Length : 40 ‘
Commission : Festival Mutek, Société des Arts Technologiques


Direction & conception: Fraction, Maotik
Sound production and  live sound performance : Fraction
Live Violin performance : Daniel Dalinian
Visuals production, live visual performance: Maotik
Satosphere/SAT  technical support and production team: Olivier Rheaume, Guillaume bourassa


Dromos is an immersive audiovisual performance created by Fraction and Maotik, commissioned by Société des Arts Technologiques and Festival Mutek, for the 2013 edition. It has been produced and designed in the Satosphere, a spheric creation environnement.

Dromos is an allegory of the “Dromology concept” as developed by French philosopher and architect Paul Virilio so as to explore the meaning of today’s world. As he Becomes aware of the essential part that Speed plays in the organization of our societies and territories, and of its ongoing acceleration, he predicts an “integral” accident.

‘If time is money, speed is God’, Silicon Valley motto.

Dromos is a metaphoric AV Performance that takes its concept from the philosophical work of P. Virilo who is mostly known for founding the idea of Dromology (science of speed). Dromos invites audience to a criticism experience of the “speed” role that impacts all aspects of our daily lives. During 40mns, it focuses people attention on this essential factor that shapes our world. With its message, Dromos invites you to wonder about your relationship with progress. It’s an unconventional work with an original sensorial approach, placing the audience inside an immersive environment.

For 40 minutes attendees are plunged into a 360-degree immersive universe where minimal and experimental sound textures converge and synchronize with sleek, dynamic visuals invoking the aesthetic of speed. The audience experiences a destabilizing environment where the media’s flux evolves little by little and the time curve is gradually deconstructed to the point of complete inertia.


Extract with Mr Dani Dalinian:


Making of :

All pictures bellow by ©Sebastien Roy