Entropia – Installation


Type :  Installation
Length : 15′ (loop)
Features :  binaural mix, headphones system, sphere pixel led structure
CommissionSociété des Arts Numériques, La Geode for COP21 (Paris)


Music & Mix : Fraction

Sphere conception: Louis Philippe St-Arnault



The Society for Arts and Technology [SAT ] in collaboration with the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie and La Geode presents a doubleheader in three events: Re – Generation , The Invention of the horizon and Entropia , as part of 21st on Climate Change  ( COP21 ) to be held from November 30 to December 11, 2015 .

We have been therefore asked to adapt the AV show entropia, in a specific site installation, for the hall of La Geode, an amazing architecture Imax dome in Paris, closed to Cité des Sciences. For the sound, given the fact that no music could be played continually, we proposed to the public to listen to the music with heaphones, all along  the sphere. The sound has been rethought and mixed using binaural encoding to offer  the listener an immersive sound experience. To understand what is binaural, you can start by read some info here http://spatialaudio.net/tag/binaural-synthesis/

Program and info : https://www.lageode.fr/programme/cop21/entropia/ 

Installation description:

Entropia takes the form of a geodesic audioreactive sculpture that comes alive to the rhythm of ambisonic sound composition . At the heart of the structure designed by Louis- Philippe St- Arnault, the sound artist Eric Raynaud built a synergistic aesthetic sonic landscape interconnected as the multidimensional complex life system that surrounds us : human , cell, particle atomic , an electrical charge.