Isometric Full Dome


Type : Immersive short
Length : 5’18

Surround Mix : Fraction
360° Visual by Julius Horsthuis

Production : VIF & Fraction


At the moment when we released the ‘normal’ version of Isometric, i was convinced that the piece would reach somehow another level of artistic pertience with a full dome format. The sound and the visual together had this enveloping potential that would get even more interesting in an immersive context.  Right at that moment, Société des Arts Technologiques de Montreal, had its annual call for their immersive short films festival, SAT FEST. I felt it was the good opportunity to push the upgrade the piece. Hopefuly, our project was selected by SAT jury.

The film appears in the 2017 selection, that is screened at SAT, in the dome, satosphere, from january 25th to Fevbruary 24th

1. Résonance Boréale par Roman Zavada (CA) – 2016 (3 min – Extrait musical 2016)
2. Flower of Afterimage par Baba Fusako (JP) (7,5 min – Version courte 2016)
3. Transparent Machine par Beeple (US) (1,5 min – 2016)
4. Isometric par Eric Raynaud (FR) et Julius Horstsuis (NL) (5,5 min – 2016)
5. Cernunnos par Sean Caruso (CA) (5 min – 2016)
6. Tim – la chute, Nicolas-Noël Jodoin et Joël-Aimé Beauchamp (CA) (7,5 min – 2016)
7. Escape – Bordos Lazlo (HU) (5 min )

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