Isometric Music Video


Type : Music video
Length : 5’18
Visual by Julius Horsthuis


Isometric is the last track of the last EP Planète Humaine released on Infine music this October. This is track is really about transformation, mutation. I m quite fond of designing music composition as if it was a coherent matter that would morph along time, that would subtlety move towards a final stage, although you have different timbres, and spectrum which are not supposed to be distorted like that in music. Distortion and mutation are at the heart of my focus right now.

This track sums up this will, and it is intentionally somehow a Kafkaesque metamorphosis.

More than any other track of the ep, i was really looking for a visual part for this one. I felt a deep hypnosis potential for that track but it required a strong visual creation.I met Julius quite recently in a festival where both of us where presenting works, in a full dome. From there, I discovered his work, and it was such a shocking revelation that what i heard/saw for this track was a fractal recombination or transmutation, a place where no precised references were possible, a place where you have no up and down, and where nothing look familiar. A place where you lose yourself, looking for an exit that doesn’t exist in a perpetual morphing scape. This place became real when Julius brought his visual work to the sound. In the video, you travel in time and in distortion, and suddenly you found yourself surrounded by sibylline patterns. Suddenly, it became one entire coherent piece, as if the visual always existed for the music. I like the idea than after a while you forgot exactly where you started. The music has been composed this way, and the visual naturally follows that idea – I didn’t give so much details to Julius, but he exactly get what I meant.

/About Julius Horsthuis/

Julius Horsthuis (Amsterdam, 1980) is a Visual Effects designer and Fractal artist. In 2014, he started experimenting with Fractal Environments. As a Fractal Artist, he has created Fractal short films, and Immersive Experiences, which have been exhibited in galleries and film festivals around the world, such as the IX symposium in the Satosphere in Montréal, the Cineglobe film festival in CERN and the Geneva Tous Ecrans festival.
Online, Julius’ fractal art has been picked up or covered by international blogs such as The Creators Project, Motionographer, and the Vimeo Staff picks. His experimental Virtual Reality experiences featured on the Oculus Rift website upon release, and became some of the best rated VR-experiences on the site.

All info here http://www.julius-horsthuis.com/


The music video has been released and covered by The Creators Project in November 2016 :

‘Fraction’s New Music Video Is a Black and Chrome Abyss’ – http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/fraction-music-video-black-chrome-abyss#