Moonolith (Installation by Martin Baraga)



Type :  Monumental interactive Installation

Produced by:
MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art

Co-financed by:
MOL, Ljubljana Tourism, Ljubljana – Green Capital of Europe 2016

Riwal, Akripol

MAO – project MOTO


Concept and direction : Martin Bricelj Barage
Sound and Music composition : Fraction


MOONOLITH – Monument to the Moon and the stars. MOONOLITH is Baraga’s new Nonument that has landed on the Ljubljana’s Republic square. An Axis Mundi auspiciously placed between centres of Politics, Finance, History and Commerce. MOONOLITH a dark reflection of the heavens on earth – The Astrocentric Clock to Geocentric Time.

Moonolith was created as part of the ALIPI – Advancing Light Driven Public Interactions, which is co-financed by the Creative Europe.