Type : hybrid installation
Length : 40′
Commission : Société des Arts Technologiques (Montreal,Canada), FRIMAS 2014 (Consulat de France au Québec, Institut Français)
Year: 2014
Features : sound 5.1, visual 360°, interactif devices


Direction & conception: Fraction, Maotik
Sound design, composition, interactive sound device programming: Fraction
Visual, interactive visual device programming: Maotik
Interactive bollards design: Louis-Philippe St-Arnaud
Interactive system : Tina Salameh, Maotik
Central structure construction & projection mapping : Fred Trétout, Stefano Gemmellaro
Satosphere/SAT technical support team: Olivier Rheaume, Guillaume Bourassa


Born from the interplay between audiovisual art and interactive installation, ObE is a unique sensory experience. This hybrid production plunges the viewer into an auditory, visual journey that is experimental and organic.  Alternating between chapters that are pre-determined by the artists and interactive ObE moments, the dynamic 35-minute framework facilitates an exploration of the work’s ambient ecosystem. The project is the place where minimalistic, pared-down generative 3D visuals and 5.1 sound processing with electro-acoustic influences meet. They melt together and deliver the viewer to the heart of a destabilizing environment to discover ObE as a living digital organism.


« It is a unique experience when
sound and visual are synchronised.»

- Interactivedesign.it

« An immersive, sensory-heavy experience that engages right up until its intense
stroboscopic climax. »

- Dustin Morris, Exclaim

« An immersive symphony celebrating the science of speed »

- The Creators Project

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