Perspective is an immersive installation designed for dome, featured between June 20th to September 07 2019 at Constellation Festival (France) in the form of an audiovisual hybrid installation. On the développement aspects, the piece involves 360° generative visual (designed in Touchdesigner), spatial sound (high order ambisonics managed with IRCAM Spat + and multichannel impulse response for space simulation ), and an array of moving head lights also managed in Touchdesigner that dont appear in that extract.


Louis-Philippe StArnault : Concept & direction, generative visuals, light design

Fraction : Concept & direction, music composition, spatial sound design

Vincent Brault : Programmation support

AvExciters : Technical direction

Production creative residency at SAT Montreal (june 2019).

Co-production of Bliida and Constellation de Metz Festival.


After Entropia (2015), an iconic immersive performance that toured the world, Fraction & StArnault present their new piece, Perspective, an immersive performance taken from the eponymous installation that will be presented three months in dome from end of June 2019 at Constellations Festival (Metz, Fr).
With their unique craft, the artists invite the audience to a surrealist fantasy that tells the unlikely and insatiable human quest for pushing up sky boundaries to find answers of the impossible, at a moment when we are facing the tangible reality of our finite ecosystem.

Designed for Dome, that strongly evokes in the collective imagination the artifact of post-modernist, utopian, and contemporary architecture, the piece will offer to the public to live a new form of immersive narrative whose the duo keep on exploring by mixing medias, and featuring the most recent developments in the langage of immersion, in particular this time those addressing the design of mix reality spaces.

By playing with dimensional representations, artist board viewers to live the experience of an ambivalent world built in balance between the physical and virtual world, a new dimension they narrate in order to provoke a perceptual shift and a dreamlike emotional charge of their own, and beyond, to evoke a transcendental journey to the confines of our common imaginary