Vector Field (2018)

This is the final page project for Vector Field.

Vector Field is a visual performance where I explore the real time manipulation of a minimal and simple vectorial stream distorted by sound as an ode to the art of Transformation.

As many today’s scientist’s believes, time is an human perception of transitory states’s change. There’s no before, and there will be no after. There’s no past. There’s no future.

From that principe, In Vector Field, I streamline a three dimensional homophonic structure, using deliberately references to science of topology and common representation of sound waves in occidental culture as an aesthetic frame for a computer-generated based vortical flow that embodies an elusive landscape, as if a continuum was slipping from his inner perception.

The performance relies on live transformation of visuals by sound, creating 3D unexpected shapes, that explore in real time thx to virtual camera displacement . There’s a part leaves to live improvisation, therefore to fail and succes, and a lot of shift among performances. It’s is dramatic choice to perform live in these conditions, as a legacy of my noise and experimental musical culture.

Purposely, the performance aims to maintain a very intense energy all the long. However it’s related somehow to digital art performance, i would prefer to classify it somehow into a field that explore ecstatic or psychedelic experience with mix media. After the wod digital refers to technology, and as always with my intention, technology is not the purpose of the performance itself.

Here’s a short video documentation. However it doesnt really credit well the general aesthetic of the piece. It s something that necessary needs to be experienced live, as sound takes an important role into the emotion handover.







Live Extract :