Release date : 09/01/2007
Label : Plastiqpassion (originally in 2007), Self Released BandCamp (soon)

All music has been both programmed and performed in a row, on the same week (January 7th to January 15th 2007).

//Track listing//

1 Animals Pt.1 3:36
2 Animals Pt.2 1:11
3 Animals Pt.3 3:19
4 Animals Pt.4 2:23
5 Animals Pt.5 1:29
6 Animals Pt.6 4:48
7 Animals Pt.7 2:39
8 Animals Pt.8 4:14
9 Animals Pt.9 2:57
10 Animals Pt.10 3:25
11 Animals Pt.11 2:19
12 Animals Pt.12 3:36
13 Animals Pt.13 1:30
14 Animals Pt.14


Music performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Fraction. Artwork by Carine Saüt.


Animals is the result of a week of improvisation, each sequence calling the following ones while creating music.
The instinctive matter in composing seems essential to me in order to bring emotions to the audience with a creation. Our ability to call our basic animosity makes us free to compose without outside pressures and compromises and also helps us finding rough attitudes – which will anyway go through the moderation of technology filters.

This work is made of, more or less, short sequences that present one « animal universe ». It has its own rules, own agreements, behaviors and landscapes, defined by the improvisation context. Experimental music concept demands that the composer defines a protocol. Animal’s protocol consists in making instinctive orders more important than artistic goals. That requires to get rid of any intentions or premeditation.

This is supposed to be one entire track. 45mn24s. For a convenient download, we cut the track in 15 parts.