Dromos EP


Release date : 05/09/2014
Label : INFINE

All tracks written, recorded, and produced by Fraction, except ‘Astral Rain Messager’, lyrics by Carbonic, and Density 21.5, written by Edgard Varèse

//Track listing//

1 – The Rise
2 – Astral rain messager feat. Carbonic
3 – Conversation with a god killer
4 – Time is noise (extended version)
5 – Density 21.5 (Edgard Varèse)
6 – Astral rain messager (instrumental version)
7 – The worbling experiment


Humans & Musicians :
Dani Dalinian (violin, Harp, Cello, guitar, tanpura and natural noises), Kurt Giles (Drums), Carbonic (Vocals), Lydia Parkington (Cello), Peter Boardman (Sarod)

Special Thanks:

This recording wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my friend and visionary musician Dani Dalinian. My thoughts are also going to George Shafnacker who helped in seting up a living studio in a dreamy and sandy shack.

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CD version including two bonus tracks available on exclusively on Bandcamp

Recorded in a wooden secret shack, North-Eastham, Cape cod (USA). Mixed & produced by Fraction in Paris (France). Mastered by Sam John, Precise Mastering LTD (UK)
Artwork by © Casey Reas (www.reas.com)


Produced and adapted from immersive AV performance Dromos –  inspired by Paul Virilio