Music For Izysse

Music For Izysse is originally the soundtrack of experimental movie by O.Iwogo ‘Izysse’ (2016). The soundtrack has been roughly splitted in 15 tracks, a collection of inner journeys into a complex and morphing sonic architecture made of disturbing drones, noises and still harmonies that reflects the very particular Huit-Clos kind of mood of the movie.
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1.Opening 02:03
2.Chapter01 02:33
3.Chapter02 02:30
4.Chapter03 03:39
5.Chapter04 03:45
6.Chapter05 03:59
7.Chapter06 01:52
8.Chapter07 04:00
9.Chapter08 01:11
10.Chapter09 02:02
11.Chapter10 01:28
12.Chapter11 07:34
13.Chapter12 07:02
14.Chapter13 03:29
15.Ending 11:56


release date January 8th 2018

Music written and produced by Fraction.

Mastering by Jonna Whishmere at CleverPunk Studio.

Cover Art courtesy of Beeple (beeple-crap.com/everydays.php)

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