ObE (release)


Installation soundtrack
Release date : 07/11/2014
Label : Self Release (Bandcamp)

2 version: Obe (stereo downmix version), ObE binaural version

//Track listing//

1 – Chapter I. Awakening
2 – Chapter II. Restless
3 – Chapter III. Obedient


Written, performed,produced and mixed in 5.1 by Fraction. Binaural encoding with IRCAM Spat.



Born from the interplay between audiovisual art and interactive installation, ObE is a unique sensory experience. This hybrid production plunges the viewer into an auditory, visual journey that is experimental and organic. Alternating between chapters that are pre-determined by the artists and interactive ObE moments, the dynamic 35-minute framework facilitates an exploration of the work’s ambient ecosystem. The project is the place where minimalistic, pared-down generative 3D visuals and 5.1 sound processing with electro-acoustic influences meet. They melt together and deliver the viewer to the heart of a destabilizing environment to discover ObE as a living digital organism.


BINAURAL vesion for headphones playback only:
This release is a 3D binaural version of the original 5.1 mix. Binaural recording is intended for replay using headphones and will not translate properly over stereo speakers. OBE has been designed for Satosphere, an immersive environnement made of 360° spheric screen and 157 loudspeakers. this binaural intends to restitute the sound fiels feeling.